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Well what can I say about that trip . "BEST TRIP EVER" , i don't think it even comes close . I could not have had a better time for sure . What a great bunch of people to go to Poland with . A MASSIVE were done to everyone that came out to shoot this incredible competition .

Simon Vant shot like a Demon and many congrats to him for a stunning score .
Gav Jones was bang on the money and showed many the way .
Jenny Stone used the Force and destroyed all the ladies in Europe
Richard Woods ... Ok I guess
Me ... Well let me tell you about me , No just Kidding , Richard Woods was another level, I hate to say it but I don't think there are many out there that can hold a candle to him .... Another level ( not the band )

I don't think I have ever been so proud to lift a trophy ever and its all because of these people above .

I have to say that the crew that were on the sunshine bus made me laugh until I actually felt sick , Never have I laughed that much I don't think . Ray , Kyle , The Honeywell's , Gav and of course .. the most unlucky man in the WORLD .... Wayne Marriot . The luck he had was shocking and at not one point did he stop smiling . I take my hat off to you Sir for your ability to laugh things off so easily . Legend !!

The Euro's is the way HFT comps should be, never have I seen a comp run so smoothly and professionally , its a league above out there . I am sure that everyone that shot in Poland will agree.

Thanks you all so so so much

I didn't ask for these powers !
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