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Tom's quite right.

I started it in 2006 and ran it for the first 3 years myself. Doing the badge sales after each session and reading a safety briefing before each session.

The first event was held at Redfearns and Paul Wilson won it with a 54. (It was a tough course!)

I took photo's of every lane in the competition for the first event with the intention of doing it for every event (but it took too long so I didn't bother). I still have the photo's of the entire course on the Anston Website (> Here <)

When it first started the NEFTA Hunter Series had it's own website, and it only had a league table of Gold badge winners scores.

I didn't have the time to put all of that work in after 2008, so I shut the website and created a set of pages on the NEFTA site where the scores could be displayed. That's why the NEFTA site only goes back to 2009.
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