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Default HFT kneeling

Originally Posted by bow View Post
Cheers to Anston and its wood rats for putting on the shoot today. Well laid out as usual. Easy to be caught out. Bet Coops had something to do with it. Glade I decided to shoot first session. The wind certainly picked up in the second. Would have ruined my pb that I got. Just from walking round on the second session you could hear the harmonious ringing of dink a dink. Oh b*!!#cks.....,. Well done to all the winners. Hard luck Trevor, very close. Bowers got you. Only just though Flower.
How'd you mean (only just ) this is the second time in two years and I try to keep it close to make it interesting for Trev to make him think he has a chance!

Well done to Lee and Jamie well deserved to both.

See you next year Trev !


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