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Default Another day....another season

So the end of another days shooting and the end of N.E.F.T.A hunter 2016....

A very well deserved win for Lee Stevens of P.A.R.C (Pontefract) in stand kneel and a magnificent overall victory for Jamie Jackson (Emley) open,,,consistent shooting wins the day
Some club or other took the win, with watsitsname club taking second, so congratulations for Pontefract taking third place! Which took some doing, do you know we managed to go from ONE POINT in it for first, right down to third practically overnight!!! The biggest treat for me personally was Simon Battye (Pontefract) taking a solid second in recoiling..WELL DONE SIMON...and my god did you see him for his photo? A sceptical man may think he'd practised that gurning in front of the mirror this morning!
I won .22, but it was close, that Tom O'Brien nipping at my heals, with Tom O'Brien in third as I only just won it this year!! ( How long are you lot going to watch me taking all sorts of 'wins' and trophys and such before one of you decides to pick up a .22 and put me in my place? )
Can anybody tell me, was it the 10th anniversary of 'Hunter this year? Is this a landmark year for NEFTA would be nice to see photo's from then to compare to now, and to see how many old hands are still bonefide HFT ers!!! Another great year anyway, thanks to all the clubs and the wood dwellers who make it happen, my favourite N.E.F.T.A HFT shoot this year..I dunno, what do you lot think?

ps I think Dean C may have won a cup for something or other, probably not a first place knowing him......
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