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Originally Posted by Piemanlarger View Post
Practise was to say the least Windy

Had a mini comp with Countorik and his super light walther/Comp leup (2300 ish?). I was amazed how much lighter it is than my Njr /Falcon (550 ).
Anyway, i hit 5 x 40 yard standers (with my gimp coat undone!) and 9 x 22 yard staders, pulled the one to make him feel better. This with a gun that seems twice the weight and really starts to pull you arm down after a couple of standers!
He hit 5 x 40 yard standers and 4 @ 22 yards!

May even have a bash at the sillywets this year at gps?
so whats that prove Simon that your better than Peter at standers it does resolve the issue that your constantly chasing a zero
so what is the point your making trying to be little someone who has not been shooting FT that long stating his cost x amount and I beat him with a gun 1/4 the price

I just back from quarry rifles and all the rifles GC2 dommie and steyr zero points were the same as a few weeks ago as they will undoubtable will in a few weeks time

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