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Have a look at the rule book and you'll see how 10m air rifle and Lightweight Sport Rifle differ.

They are separate disciplines; in 10m you use a highly specialised rifle and you would normally wear the appropriate clothing including stiff jacket and so on. The rifle has a match quality trigger with a pull weight normally below 100 grams.

Lightweight Sporting Rifle, well, the name gives a hint, is for sporting rifles. Actually the type of rifle is quite loosely specified, however what make it impossible to use 10m rifles are the requirements to keep the gross weight including glove if you wear one below 4500 grams, and the trigger pull weight must exceed 500 grams. Specialist clothing of any type is prohibited, apart from the glove I mentioned.

Consequently they are shot on different targets and are scored in their own ways.

The LSR card is 17cm across, not as large as it appears from the way it is reproduced on here. It's true, it was originally a pistol card, as LSR was introduced some 20 odd years ago as a discipline that the pistol shooters who had lost their guns due to the change in the law could try out instead.

This is the precision version; there is also a rapid fire version with five shots in progressively shorter time, and this is shot on a different card as befits the fact that you have four seconds to raise the rifle, acquire the target and let the shot off. It's not normally shot with air though, unless you have a Steyr Hunting 5a or similar.

In FT you have standing shots taken at 40mm kill zone targets with two targets at a summary distance of 60 yards, according to GP standards. A 40mm kill at 30 yards sounds like a gimme compared to a 10m target 0,5mm spot.
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