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Originally Posted by NeilM View Post
One of my clubmates has just put a HUMA in his EV2 after we both failed to get his AA reg to behave.

It is VERY consistent at 775 + or - 3fps and very quiet.

After years of tinkering and tuning AA regs, when I next get the chance I'll install a HUMA in a Pro-T or EV and have a play.
Actually my AA reg is now fairly consistent ...BUT... It creeps.... first shot about 226 m/s (741fps) then 238m/s (780 fps) as I have set it for. It rises to 246 towards the very end of its run..... just before it comes off reg (95bar)

I just want something that works and that doesn't distract me from shooting the bloody thing.... eeerrrr!!

Thanks for all your comments

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