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it amazes me just how many people whom use any type of firearm just don't know the laws and where they stand,

as long as your back garden is NOT facing a road and it is at least 50ft away from the centre of it then you can shoot your air rifle but MUST make sure all precautions are made to ensure there is no chance whatsoever of the pellet leaving your boundary , so go and practice in your back garden,

my back garden is 65yrds long, its perfect for practicing and I even have a school at the back of me, I don't shoot whilst the school is open just to keep the peace with them because lets be honest most people think guns are for nut cases, I did once have the police call round because the janitor saw a man with a gun by the school, the police called and as they saw everything was above board they left, they then informed the school what I was doing was perfectly legal, I,m just lucky that I know the persons involved with the school ,

I have plenty of land to practice on so don't bother at home except for standers but NOT with a loaded rifle, as stated I just keep the crosshairs on the target,,

in saying that its not doing me any good because I,m still useless at standers
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