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Originally Posted by Nick G View Post
That's funny, I had exactly the same problem with the under lever, My pistons at 125 at the moment , I will make the new one lighter and add a piston weight to give me some adjustability.

Everyone that shot it at the springer bash thought it was the best of my guns , though most were hunters ,or fun shooters, not many target lads there, mind a mate showed us all up hitting a 70 odd yard target standing , frequently !
the under lever is relieved on the mk 3 to allow extra travel .

i'm gonna have to do that on this old mk2 donkey.....tyring to get max stroke out of it for small bore pistons .

heard of another 22mm that was running at around 120g very soft to shoot but hard on springs.
that was apparently running hw45 seal , dunno if para or not , deffo skirted piston .

i must say i'm leaning toward o ring set up at the moment .

simply looking for consistency over widest temp range .......that's it .
cant be doing with huge poi shifts it has been an issue and very much temp related .
don't even care if i have to run so loose that it twangs a bit .
sure i can run tight guides and splodge the whole thing in grease to deaden it but that just introduces to many variables
shot feel is secondary at the moment , although i ve got a feeling that will follow to a degree with an efficient set up.

got some testing to do.............
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