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Originally Posted by vinny View Post
So , finished the radius end , the bit where the trigger end section sits in the stock which had a fair bit of rough finishing , removed supporting inletting between before and aft supports either sides, one side seemed tighter than the other against the action,the original stock has no supports here , moved the cheeck piece right over by modding the inletting of the underneath , checked today with the skp and happy days , much better , and with a variety of holding positions , now grouping ok considering I was checking outside, 25mm at 55 yds will do me without the fun of pellet testing and shimming the areas aforementioned .... groan thats next
all shot off the floor
So final conclusion on the CS 1000 stock fitment
I repeated checking the action and stock contact points where I ended up getting about 8mm of contact all along the edge of the cocking lever groove in front of the trigger unit area , no matter how I ended up sanding this area it wouldnt really change, hmm, then it twigged , the original inletting radius was too big .
I made a plastic 0.4 mm shim to sit in the rear trigger contact area which made it fit nice and central /snug in the stock, no poi shifts , all seems ok after a month of checking ,
so conclude,
If the end radius of the trigger unit recess in the stock was increased a bit ,the action wouldnt have sat above the rest of the inletting , also fitting the cradle shim made it laterally more stable perhaps , certainly hasnt had any poi shifts even when ive had it in and out of the stock for lube/ general fettling , havent bothered with the tube and washer round the main fastening screw as all seems fixed

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