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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Strange David but this says it's an observation not a question, to be honest it reads more like a moan than a question, in fact the same one you raised last year

We've had to arrange things so they run as smoothly as possible & be as fair as possible for the majority, it just wouldn't be fair to try & please the one or two shooters who don't like things...that would be unfair.

As Pete originally replied to you we have had to alter our zero'ing arrangements due to some very dangerous practices last year. As well as some serious damage to site equipment & the resulting cut to site water supplies we also had pellets leaving the zero range which could have injured someone. We now need to place trusted people to marshal this range whenever it is open & we only have a limited number of shooters we know we can rely on to carry out all the tasks needed to ensure the whole event runs safely & smoothly.
My original observation was followed by a question denoted by a question mark. I raised the 'being watched' question last year and nothing has changed this year. One can but try to influence things by polite questioning/observation. If I fail becuse I'm in the minority that's fine but I am opinionated as you perhaps know. I didn't raise the unequal zeroing times last year either because they weren't or I didn't notice/care/wasn't a grumpy moaning old man then (I seem to recall I was though).
I now understand your reasoning for the zeroing times, thankyou, and will obtain some camo netting and/or an invisibility cloak so as to attempt to avoid Johhny's gaze should he be in the 1st round and I the 2nd on the Monday, not that he'd remember me anyhow!
Goodnight and God bless!

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