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Originally Posted by MickyFinn View Post
Thanks to Ian & Steve et all @ Kingsley for todays course, kept everyone thinking as ever. Well done Jim on the win! Big thanks to my shooting partner, Tench. Massive help with a completely new set up today, cheers mate.
PS I'll remember to get your .22 winners cup from Rivi to you one day!
No worries Mick, stick with it, when you have it dialled in and have your head around it I am sure you will reap the rewards!
I hope the tea stains wont be too bad by the time you remember to bring it!

I made a few errors because of shooting yet another new setup and scope height today, only 2 down with 6 to go and one of those was my mistake! It is the best yet so looking forward to sticking with this, honing it, and learning it properly!
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