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Default Guesstimate.....

Originally Posted by Emma View Post
Hi Cocksure,
Darren and I were complete shooting novices when we bought an airgun last October, we , like you chose our discipline after a few weeks at a local club. Meeting new people, enjoying plinking.

We chose FT after meeting a group of FTers who are friendly and supportive.

For us, rangefinding (the lack of our skill and experience) made FT with the twiddling a natural choice.

We've been properly hooked now. Shooting usually twice a week. Just bought enough pellets to last us through to May!

As our experience grows, we find we are more often guessing some ranges correctly, I think in the future we will have a go at HFT. It's certainly more prolific than FT.

One thing is for sure, we've got a lot to learn and, won't be bored for years to come.

Air gunners are the ALL awesome too, not met a bad one yet. Freely offered advise, lending equipment, jokes and banter.

Hello Emma...
Before you rangefind in FT practice, have a look at the target and take a guess at the range, then rangefind as may be surprised how close you are.......or not! Try to the yard..not 50ish, but 52! See how you get on......
Beginning to do better

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