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Thumbs up fishing coaster

Originally Posted by Air Armed View Post
Save yourself a fortune and get yourself a fishing coaster from eBay and use one of them instead. Lots of people do.

Item number 360493624357

You can always tell a good Yorkshire man they're a bit like the Scots only with tighter purse strings !!!

I've got three Bushnell's and have fishing coasters fitted to all of them but if you have 30+ quit and you don't know what to spend it on by all means get yourself a Rowan unit, they do look great and will do the job just as well as a 5 quid fishing coasters (they come in pairs so you could sell the spare and make some money on the deal)

One word of advice don't go into a fishing shop that sell coarse fishing gear because they'll look at you stupid when you ask for a fishing coaster. They're for sea fishing.
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