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Default Spot on....

Originally Posted by airborn68 View Post
I don't think I will have the pleasure of shooting in 40c + temps but I did suffer from a significant power drop in temps below 3c running the Aussie seals.

LGV Master, standard internals....negligible variation in normal UK temps, ( do you really mean 46c ? where do you guys shoot? Dubai? ) sight pic no probs...however when shot at Anston in really cold, snowy conditions there was a definate P.O.I shift and 'sloppiness' to the don't like it cold! This I would assume is because the extreme cold drove the lubes below optimum working temps resulting in a semi unlubed,sticky, gun. Its like car oils, in the uk they use ones suited to UK temps ,with different oils used in much hotter climbs... You have to find one that works 'most' of the time in 'most' conditions.....however, re-lube 'cause it's gonna snow today? I don't think so eh?
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