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Default FT or not FT, that is the question....

When we first started shooting, the people we first met, and their attitude to shooting has a major effect on our chosen our case we became confirmed HFT ers. As we shot more we became aware of a 'gulf' between HFT and FT with most of our HFT friends never having shot FT, yet being ABSOLUTELY certain that they didn't like it...." it's a bit elitist ",..."what, all that twiddling? No, not for me.." were common responses. As a result it was a while before we first had a go at FT and let me tell you all that is nonsense.

We both shoot using hold-over ( NO TWIDDLIN' ), me with a springer and x16 mag...range finding might be easier with a big 50x but it's easy enough with just 16x believe me, and now we attend every local FT shoot we can. Remember it's ALL SHOOTING...and whether you sit or lay down it's just a target that goes down ( if you hit the F.....! ) and our main regret is that we did not shoot FT earlier 55yrds is only +10 for an HFT shooter, and there is rarely more than four of these on a course, other than that it's mainly big 40mils that a good HFT er will just eat up, and it really helps to learn the wind shooting FT during the winter. Unless you're in the top five nobody cares about your score ( other than you) so please, to anyone that has only ever shot HFT, have a go at FT and don't rob yourself of some great shooting opportunity's ! NOTE do not bother handycapping yourself with SFT, just go FT and see what you can do, you might surprise yourself! My PB with x16 set up, 21...not bad eh?...and I can't shoot for S..t !
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