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I agree with Gary,
I have the silver T50. I am settled with it now, had a second hand one since January.
Darren (my Hubby) loves his Big Nikko MkII.

For brightness at 50 mag I think mine pips it.

They're as good as each other for range finding. Darren will tell you the Nikko is crisper in and out of focus .
Darren has a sharks fin, I have the original T50 wheel.

These things are personal. Everyone's eyes are different.

I'm not jealous and am not in the market for a Big Nikko. Now I am used to my Falcon, my range finding has improved greatly. I made zero mistakes the last few weeks.

I don't take the Sun shades off (can't tell any difference in the shade with the shade off or on) and it stops water on the glass when there are wet leaves about.

Bear in mind the caveat we have only been shooting FT Since October so our experience is limited.
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