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Originally Posted by markmillward View Post
Welcome JSNZ,

UK is the same in urban areas so you are not on your own regards back yard plinking, I have a couple of permissions but liked to same farmer. It will take time and you may be turned down more times than you hope but it only takes one yes and you are on your way.

I have just begun to set up a small HFT practice range in a small wood I can shoot in, but it has taken me about 18 months to get to this stage.

Why not try looking up local HFT clubs I know you guys down under must have them a world championship was shot there a year or so ago.

Welcome again and good luck.


Thanks for the reply, I am a member of an indoor target club, and there is another club that does FT on the weekends, so I do plan to try that out.

At the moment it is fun shooting at the range and tinkering to get the most out of the rifle/s
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