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Well actually my older daughter is having a go at HFt again!! The only reason she stopped before was due to travelling and work getting in the way, I am pretty sure mini kills never scared her.In fact there are some very promising young shooters coming through the ranks.

I know what you are saying about two disciplines but Ft just spiralled into expensive kit as you know, but HFT really came about to take FT back to its roots where you were all shooting 3x9 scopes which I think is a good thing. PS Dave Hammil appears on the scene now and then, not seen his flowery shorts though.

regarding setting up a FT/HFT gun, yeah you can, but it will be full of compromises. The only FT scopes that can be used sensibly for HFt are the 8x32x40 Burris or Bushnells in my opinion. But hey ho you know best, I've only been shooting for 40 years and HFT comps for 10, what do I know.
I will bet you end up with two guns though!

Interesting to get your views on the sport now though.No offence meant, so good luck and welcome back.

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