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Oh I have no intention of taking the P. The butt hook belonged to Dave Harrison and I wanted to use it for FT which I can and I fully intend to take up HFT as well. With the same rifle and scope. So I am trying out Nomads and getting back into the swing of shooting. So the obvious question is "Can I or not?? Obviously the armadillo rod is removed as in the other photo.
I left air-rifle shooting back in 1996 after 14 years of committees - Club / MFTA / EFTA / BFTA and I have come back to 2 separate FT disciplines - disappointed to say the least. Back in 1991 we recommended that courses had 2 targets on 5 easy lanes - 1 for AA shooters and one for others i.e. 1 target at 40mm and one at 25mm. Obviously it wasn't passed. That would have made an interesting course.
But hey ho things move on.
So is there any chart or some such to show where to measure from and you say 2.5 inches total? and from which flat.
And as for trawling through the thousands of posts Pete has done - well that's why I am asking the question.
The other reason is I want to enter the competition on Sunday down at the Nomads and I would hate for someone to object and all the problems that brings.
Because of the design no-one was sure.

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