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Originally Posted by AirArmsDavid View Post
Just had the 'Competitors Guidance Notes' email and make the following observations:

1st session shooters get a total 2 1/2 hours time on the zero range on the Sunday, whereas 2nd session shooters get only 1 1/4 hours. Why not extend 2nd session zeroing until 11.45 or the end of the 1st session competition, or fairer still an extra 1 1/4 hours zeroing time after the 2nd session, Sunday only?

On the Monday 1st session shooters can watch 2nd shooters go round. This may add unfair pressure to a 2nd session shooter who was in 1st place on the Sunday and spots a near rival following him/her round the whole course on the Monday, perhaps with the aim of putting them off!?
Sorry our arrangements are not to your liking David, I believe you raised a similar concern about being watched last year.

If our arrangements really upset you then please drop either Pete Sparkes or myself an email & we will be happy to arrange a refund of your entry fee.
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