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Originally Posted by LAity View Post
Cheers Steve, My Steyr and Beesa love the 4.53's , seems not many people like them, most seem to go for 4.52 which dont work in any of my guns?? Chilly has said he will "Lend" me "LEND" me a tin for now. I am getting ten tins at LV, if you need some mate we can split them buddy??

Ok Rog no probs, if you want to split the tube let me know a price as I'm down to 4 tins ATM.
My MPR was fine on 4.52's & then it threw a fit & wouldn't group for sheet, tried 4.53's & pellet on pellet again.... very odd.

Thats very kind of Gary, I'd check they haven't been opened & replaced with all his low & high weight ones though
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