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Post Reach - Lead Pellets

Has been discussed for years

Pax was asked back in 80's to look @ a Lead Alterative

Thankfully it has not hit UK - Yet

German restricted Lead on indoor Ranges

USA is still playing

Pax brought out Dynamic Range - In Tin

Well aware that in General was to light in most Gun's

Reason was made in Lead as Exterminators

Also Tin prices have risen through the Roof

But Hugh - Pax has been working on many different Air Gun Pellets
Many have not been released -
And Doubt they will be while Lead is still useable -

But Pax machines will work with other Metal's

But order book's are well busy

Funny how most are for overseas Shooters

Where prices are often higher than UK Prices

But thankfully due to the internet that Shooters
Will be kept abreast of his Efforts

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