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Shooting well at the moment, the conditions are tough. Courses are well balanced and a bit harder than an average GP course, so I was happy to bang in a 44 yesterday - even though I missed a couple of easy shots but got all of the hard ones!.

Looking out the balcony this morning it looks like it's going to be a reasonably hot day ( about 27 ) but not as humid as it was yesterday. Sweat was just pouring off everyone yesterday.

Doesn't look like there's much wind at the moment, but it can really pick up in the afternoon and that's when the springer's last day kicks off ( about 2:45pm ). I'm hoping it'll be windy, it'll give the English lads an edge

Leanne isn't even awake at the moment, we'll pop down when the PCP's are about half way through to give you all the half time progress. It's tough shooting in those conditions, but it's also tough on Leanne walking the length of the course loads of time in the heat - she's going to turn on a step counter app on her phone today to see how far she walks in a day.
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