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Default Portugal 2016 FT Championship - DAY 3

Day 3 Tweets from our Twitterist Leanne (and others) as they come in.
(OLDEST Tweet at BOTTOM of post #1 and photos being added all the time throughout the thread)

Please remember these scores are all UNOFFICIAL, but thought to be pretty accurate

So its a 'good night' from her and good night from 'him' and see you all in Wales 2017.

Hope you all enjoyed following the news

So after 3 long hot days and nearly twenty miles walked, this little Twitterist is signing offfor another year.
See you all in Wales ����

Calps has won, is now 3rd in PcP and Berty finishes 4th

Berty n Calps in the shoot off now, both put down their sitting shoots

England have won the PCP Team Trophy

Shoot offs about to start

England have won the Springer Team Trophy

Springer final results by my maths it's (NOT CONFIRMED)
Aleksas Lith 118
Steve P 117
Brian S 115
Matt USA 112
Roberto Italy 110

Leanne sat at the finish line, about 3 lanes to go

Back to the springer competition. Hahaha, Comes to something when the guys are woohoooing when they get a target down as the wind is so gusty and swirly!

Congratulations to Ana Pereira winning the Ladies title and very well done to Paula taking 2nd place

Congratulations to Josh Vaughan on becoming the Junior World FT Champion 2016

Well done to Rich Beaugie taking 3rd place in Veterans.

Also Sam Barr 5th, Mick Woodhead 9th and John Walker 10th

Looks like Greg Sauve (USA) is going to take the Veterans title but again NOT confirmed

We think England have won the PCP group with South Africa 2nd and possibly Estonia 3rd. Not 100% sure though and certainly NOT confirmed

Its proving rather difficult to get scores for the Springers, no one wants to say, in this wind it'll go down to the wire anyway

Paula didn't want to give Leanne her score earlier so we'll have to wait for official ones

Springer latest, wind has got up and playing a major part in this afternoons shooting
Brian Sampson 3/10
John Farbrother 1/10
Rob Farnworth 4/10
Linas (Lithuania) 9/12
Steve Privett 6/10

No news on Paula as yet and hopefully Josh MAY have taken the Junior title but NOT confirmed

NOW OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED, Jack Harris (Wales) is the World FT Champion 2016
Well done Jack, fantastic shooting!
Also big congrats to Mark Bassett (Wales) and Andy Calpin (England) who will shoot out later for 3rd and 4th

Leanes PCP scores have been confirmed as correct. Congrats Jack

Slight correction, Vincenzo Maccarone (Italy) had 39 today, not 37 which now increases his total to 131

Reminder, WE THINK Jack MAY have won, but still a couple of scores unknown and if exceptionally high could upset the apple cart!

Nice to see Doz was well enough to shoot today and put in a brilliant 46 - Well done Doz.

More scores coming through
Gilly 39
Red 42
Paul G 30
Andy B 27
Wrecker 40
Ian Jerram 37
Gadget 33
Si Evans 34
Robbo 31
Josh 35
Andy 42
Jack 46
Doz 46
Penman 39
Martin 35
Chubby 28
Mangers 32
Conor 45

The wind is really picking now

Springer's on course and any shoot-offs are being held after the Springers are finished

The scores today for South Africa:
Machiel 35
Gerhard G 41
Wian 37
Errol 37
Gerhard S 38
Lauren 37
Henri 43
Michael 30
Regy 41

Ok, and please don't quote me cos another may have come in with a surprise score, but at current time . . .
Jack Harris (Wales) 136
Sergey Zubenko (Russia) 134
Mark Bassett (Wales) 133
Andy Calpin (England) 133
Ferenc Sas (Hungary) 132
Vincenzo Maccarone (Italy)129 in error corrected to 131

Disclaimer time!!
Unless the Portuguese kid comes in with more than 42 looks like young Josh has taken the Junior title

Just need the Italians score and we will let you know. Suspense, suspense I know you can't wait ..... !

Hehehe recruited Sergey to help me get final scores

Currently I make Sergey Zubenko (Russia) total as 134 and Mark Bassett (Wales) 133

Leanne heading down to the finish to hopefully get the rest.
Bertie finished on 44

No news as yet on Vincenzo Maccarone (Italy) who was 2nd at start of day and Ferenc Sas (Hungry) and Calps who were both 3rd at start

Sergey finished 9 down, could be Jacks or Calps for the taking

Latest Jack Harris is 3 down

4 lanes to go
Andy Gillett 10
Andy Calpin 4
Mark Stenton 9
Dave Penman 10

Have recruited spies who tell me Sergio Zubenko (Russia) is now down 6

Ian Jerram 8
Awesime 13 hit 1 stander by mistake lol

Rich Wafta isn't happy but he doesn't like me to ask him so it'll be a wait n see surprise

It's going to be so close at the top, looks like Jack if Jack can hold his 1 down he will be right up there in contention, but don't know how the chap from Hungary is doing

Greg Sauve (USA) 6
Paul Davis 13
Manuel Alférez (Spain) 6

Trying to find the Hungarian but he's in the closed off bit of the course for shooters only

Come on Jack and Calps, you can do it .....

Vincenzo Maccarone (Italy) 5/40
Mark Bassett 5/40
Jack Harris 1/40

Bollox, they've shut off the top part of the range now as well

Steve Chubb 11/30
Andy Calpin 4/30
Sergey Zubenko (Russia) 5/30
Josh Vaughan 8/30

8 lanes to go
Dave Schofield 7
Not Awesime 11
Youri Busse (Belgium) 5
Jack Harris 1
Martin Calpin 10
Ferenc Sas (Hungary) 7
Paula Schofield 12
Ana Pereira (Portugal) 8

Rob Farnworth had something fall out his gun (see post #16), but all sorted now thanks due to SUPER HERO Brian. John Farbrother and Rudi Gerlach have also been superb in the pits as well. 2 behind Lithuania in the Springer Championships so all throttles toward. Rob busy trying to get gun 'run-in' again.

Much cooler today with a stiff breeze, Leanne heading down now for more 1/2 way scores

Simon Evans (Not Awesime but cooler now) 9/26
Harold Rushton (USA) 7/26
Sergey Zubenko (Russia) 4/26
Ana Pereira (Portugal) 4/26
Mark Bassett 3/26

SPRINGER TEAMS (after Day 2) Lithuinia 1st with 228, England 2nd on 226 and Portugal 3rd on 207
PCP TEAMS (after Day 2) England currently 1st with 344, South Africa 2nd on 338 and Hungry 3rd 336

Now approx half way
Steve Chubb 3
Andy Calpin 3

Not Awesime 8 ex22
Jack was still clear
Dave schoefield 5
Josh Vaughan 5
Kevin Sayers 2
Kieth Gilyard 6

Windy first 5 lanes. Now dropped to nothing again

Rich Beaugie 3/ 16
Keith Gilyard 6/ ?(assumed 16)
Martin calpin 4/ ? (assume 16)
Andras 3/ ? (assume16)

PCP has the reigning World Champion Sergey Zubenko in the lead with 93, Vincenzo Maccarone (Italy) 92, Ferenc Sas (Hungry) and Andy Calpin both 91, Jack Harris 5th on 90 points

In Veteran Greg Sauve (USA) leads the with 86, Dario Gusmeroui (Italy) 82 and Richard Beaugie 3rd with 78

Springer see Matthew Brackett (USA) leading on 80 points with Brian Sampson 2nd just 1 point behind and Steve Privett 4th just 4 points off the lead

The Juniors also very close with Josh Vaughan and Kristin Antsmae (Estonia) tied at top with 77 points, being 7 points above 3rd position Santiago Costa on 70 points

In Ladies, Paula Schofield and Ana Pereira (Portugal) are both tied at top with 82 points, 4 points above the nearest rivals ... All to play for today!

Bit cooler today, blue sky's and expected to be a scorcher by this afternoon, when the Springers go on

Not Awesime 6 / 10
Dave schofield 1 / 10
Jack clear going into field

The PCP's are off to an early start

Leanne is feeling a tad delicate today, she must remember to ask for orange with a dash of vodka not vice versa

There were 2 warnings given out yesterday, unfortunately it ended in both shooters being disqualified for having over power rifles.

Full TEAM OFFICIAL results after DAY 2 shown on post #10

Full INDIVIDUAL OFFICIAL results after DAY 2 shown on post #8

Close at the top, so its all on for the last day, GOOD LUCK ALL
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