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Default My short world's

Just arrived home after a very short trip to the FT World's in Portugal.
These are my thoughts and impressions of my short time there, others may have other views.
When Jackie and myself first registered for the world's last November, I asked if we could shoot in the same session, and was told yes, no problem.
I was entered as a Welsh team member shooting a pcp. I changed my mind, and decided to shoot a springer, I informed the Portuguese by email, telling them that I was no longer a team member, and would be shooting a springer, I also changed the registration form.
Several more emails were sent reminding them.
On Wednesday morning 17-8-16 we went to sign on, I reminded the gentleman on stats about my wife and myself shooting the same session, and that I was shooting a springer, he said he remembered the emails, and everything was ok, he then wrote our names down to remind himself.
The session and lane allocation did not come out until late Wednesday evening, and I was down as shooting a pcp.
After the briefing on Thursday morning, I spoke to a Marshall, and informed him that I was shooting a springer not a pcp, he then spoke to the Spanish lady chief Marshall who didn't speak English, and she said no, I'd have to go, and shoot the afternoon session, I asked that being there were plenty of free spaces on the afternoon session could my wife swap to the afternoon, and was told no. There was no compromise, no help, just no. After months of planning, practice and preparation, we were being told that we couldn't shoot the same session because of their poor organisation.
I managed to persuade Jackie to carry on, but after a few lanes she pulled out as she was to upset to carry on.

Whilst Jackie was on the course, I took my gun back to our hire car, found another Marshall, explained the situation to her, but it was too late.
When Jackie came back a short time later, we made the decision to cut our trip short, and return home, our plans and dreams ruined by poor Portuguese administration.

Now for my thoughts on the shoot for the short time we were there, (things may have improved since we left.)
There were no road signs to the shoot.
Car park. No prominent signs telling you were to go. No water provided, absolutely disgusting portable toilets, the two orange ones were terrible on Wednesday, and by Thursday they were unusable, they had not been emptied, there was no washing facility in them.
Very steep hill down to the zero range.
Only 4 or 5 fill bottles, all joined together, so trying to fill your gun was interesting.
Zero range, not enough cards out, and difficult to get close to them to check your ranges, luckily Simon Evans had his range finder with him, don't think the cards were changed on Wednesday. There were a few spinners and reset targets out, but nowhere near enough, and these were not painted Wednesday or Thursday.
Thursday morning.
The only board I saw informing people of their start time was next to the fill bottles, so easily missed.
Shooters drifted in dribs and drabs to the shoot assembly point as there seemed to be no clear instructions to go, on their arrival, the gate was locked, so you had to squeeze been a bush and concrete bollard.
There was a very long briefing, which unless you were near the front was difficult to hear. They then called out about 20 shooters names, and asked them to stay behind, all the other shooters went onto the course. It took about 30 minutes to sort ( some were taking the kneelers standing etc), and all had forms to confirm and sign
At the same time I was trying to sort the Portuguese administration problem.
So the planned 9am start turned into about a 10am start, from there things really went down hill.
Now you may think I have a axe to grind, its true, I do, but all of the above is described as I saw it.
In my opinion the Portuguese would have trouble organising a party in a brewery.
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