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Default Portugal 2016 FT Championship - DAY 2

Day 2 Tweets from our Twitterist Leanne (and others) as they come in.
(OLDEST Tweet at BOTTOM of post #1 and photos being added all the time throughout the thread)

UNOFFICIAL PCP results from today shoot:-
Paula Schofield 43
Jack Harris 46
Keith Gilyard 40
Paul Mangham 34
Dave Penman 39

Gerhard G (SA) 46
Gerhard (SA) 41
Wain (SA) 39
Henri B (SA) 43
Michael (SA) 42
Errol (SA) 40
Lauren (SA) 33
Machiel (SA) 41
SOUTH AFRICA - All the guys said to say Hi to all back home!

Andrew Gillett 44
Mark Henson 41
Ian Jerram 40 or 39 ??
Conor McFyinn 49
Andy Calpin 47
Red Galagher 39
Dave Schofield 44
Mark Bassett 48
Simon Evans 43
Dave Gage 25
Paul Davis 42
Andy B 31
Paul Galagher 32
Steve Chubb 32
Richard Beaugie 39
Dave Robinson 36 or 39 ??

Springer Results released, (See post #28). Overall Brian Sampson 2nd and Steve Privett 4th

Awesime 7/46
Andrew Gillett 6/46
Dave Penman 8/46
Richard Beaugie 11/46 ?? probably should have been 9/46
John Grey 7/46
Dean Burfoot 18/46
Conor 1/46
Mark Bassett 2/46

Hopefully there will still be enough light left for the odd few Springer shooters to complete the last few targets from yesterday's course

At 19:00 (Local and GMT time), thought that most now have 2 or less lanes to finish the course

John Gray 7 down, Nathan Reeve and Mark Stenton both 4 down with 2 lanes to go

Temp now 29C and humidity gone.

Greg Sauve (USA) 2 down, Keith Gilyard 7 down both 10 targets to go.

Awesime 6 down, Jack still 2 down, Andras 3 down, Paul Davis 8 down, Martin Calpin 8 down, Conor still clear but don't know how many lanes either of these shooters has to go!

Paula and Ana both 5 down with 12 targets to go

Rich Wafta can't hold it in this heat. Need wet and windy

It's a bit tight at the top for the ladies

Natalie (NZ) 4/30
Ana (Portugal) 4/22
Lauren (South Africa) 5/22
Paula Schofield 5/30
Keith Gilyard 4/26
Conor McFlynn 0/20
Dave Robinson 8/28
Andy Calpin 2/28
Mark Bassey 1/28
Jack Harris 2/28
Dave Schofield 3/28
Awesime 5/24

Doz is feeling much better today and is walking the course taking photos posing like Popeye.

Red Gallagher 2/26
Mark Henson 5/26
Josh Vaughn (Junior) 4/26
Rich Beaugie 5/22
Dave Penman 2/22
Andrew Gillett 3/22
Mark Stenton 1/22
Paul Davis 3/26
Steve Chubb 8/26

Jeez it's bloody hot out here now, 31.6C in the SHADE, no haze or wind to worry about, even with sun now out and temp rising

No wind to speak of this afternoon so scores should be higher today

Awesime missed 4 from 18 and reports Little Jack Clear, Dave Schofield 3 down, Keith Gilyard 2 down, but don't know how many they have shot

Junior results released (see post #18) - Josh Vaughan leading the way with his 39

The pcp competitors must be out on the course by now, but no news as yet coming through on their progress

Leanne seen Doz today, he is OK but has taken the Doctors advice and is taking it easy today. He is unsure at this stage whether he will shoot tomorrow

Last few minutes of practice before the pcp shooters move out onto the course, still overcast with drizzle, perfect for UK shooters. Wind is still switching though

Changed it round to final score rather than misses
Matt (USA) 44
Linas (Lith) 39
Christoph (Germany) 39
Ray Apelles (USA) 39
Rob Farnworth 26
Jeff (Canada) 32
Roberto M (Italy) 42
Steve Privett finished on 40 today and he finished on 36 yesterday
Brian Sampson finished on a 44

Springer session almost done, Neil Thorneycroft and Steve Privett doing well on black course. About 7 or 8 down

John Farbrother 4/32

Really humid and sticky conditions today but only a slight breeze

Bran Sampsoni is 5/32
Rob Farnworth 11/28
Steve Privett is 6/32
As previous reports, 6/32 means 6 shots missed after 32 targets shot at

After the slight delay, the shooting now started with the Springers first on

Now confirmed, the guys that didn't finish yesterday will now finish off after they've shot today's course!

The shooting has been delayed due to the weather, very misty here this morning.

From yesterdays results (post #4), it would appear that NO warning were issued for shooting infringements, well done to both shooters and marshalls

Thought that the Excess lanes from yesterday, now to be shot AFTER today's session and not before.

As yesterday's shooting ran over time a late committee meeting was held. The committee have decided that the marshalls can escort the shooters who have taken their shots to the next gate whilst the others are taking their shots to try and speed up the line so we don't have a similar situation to last night.

The dawn awakes with an overcast sky, some drizzle and the temperature a bit cooler than yesterday

The 16 springer shooters that didn't finish the course yesterday due to the late finish and light fading, have to be back on the lane they left at 8am today!

Here we go again ....
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