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Springer shooters are having a lay in

It's been so hot here that the strings melted, so they had to be replaced. I don't think there's a local shop with any string in stock now because the WFTF has bought it all. They only changed the strings that were affecte, but yesterday the remaining strings melted too!

Claps and Conor helped out with the massive task of changing the strings over. The courses have been set to Conor's course setting guidelines (he wrote these about 8 months ago to try to standardise the difficulty level of Worlds courses - they should be a little bit harder than a GP course.

I'm just finishing my morning cuppa before heading down for a leasurely breakfast.

The standard of springer shooters we have here is very high as you'd expect for a Worlds, it's going to be a tough battle and it's anyone's game really. Consistency will win out for a springer shooter over the 3 days and conditions are tough to say the least.

Oh and it looks like the Springer shooters get two bites of the PM session apple too, which is when the wind really picks up here. We're finding the wind quite difficult to read and there's enough of it to flick you out about 60mm on one side then 60mm on the other side with the next shot. It's going to be tricky, but I'm hoping the extra dose of wind for springer shooters is going to give the English springer team a slight edge over the rest of the World because shooting in wind is something we're used to.

We're going to need an edge because we're not used to this heat and there are some extremely good springer shooters out here who are!

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