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Default Portugal 2016 FT Championship - Day 1

Day 1 Tweets from our Twitterist Leanne (and others) as they come in.
(OLDEST Tweet at BOTTOM of post #1 and photos being added all the time throughout the thread)

Official results shown at end of thread (post #47), excluding the Springers and Junior PCP as they are still not quite finishing shooting

So after the first day shooting Bri's towards the top of the table, cant give what position as some people didn't shoot all the course and have to finish it tomorrow morning

I'm still here waiting for the committee to finish debating the warnings, so as I've been here 12 hours today. I'll be back at lunchtime tomorrow.

One of the German guys managed to shoot himself in his hotel room, went to hospital and they removed the pellet from his Side, so shot today!

The 16 shooters that didn't finish have to be back on the lane they left tonight at 8am!
Steve Privett 12/42 (still to finish course)

John Farbrother 27
Jeoff 32
Christoph (Ger) 22
Lioness 14
Matt (USA) 14
Brian Sampson 15
Hector (USA) 24
Jan (Germany) 21
Rob Farnworth 32
George (Canada) 20
Zac (Canada) 22
Diego (Spain) 18
Roberto M (Italy) 17
Frank (Germany) 26
Sven (Sweeden) 17
Josh (Junior PCP) 11

Springer Shooting suspended due to loosing light, some guys have lanes to shoot tomorrow

Josh (Junior PCP) is 9/22
Neil Thornycroft 10/20
Frank Esser 13/18
John Farbrother 5/10
Steve Privett 3/12
Brian Sampson 3/12
Roberto (Italy) 5/14
Ray Apel 3/16
Rob Farnworth 4/16

I'm back and catching up with the springer latest

Unfortunately, I have a family reunion meal to attend tonight and will have to leave the house soon.
This will probably be my last report for now and very sorry I cant bring you the Springer progress.
I will endeavour to catch up when I get back later on. However my keyboard skills may be a little awry after a few beers but I will do my best!!!

From my investigations the top score appears to be 45

The official scores won't be out until after the Springers have finished so 8-9ish tonight. The Argentinian 47 was lie

Peter Jacobs & Deborah?? (think Leanne means Jackie) have walked off mid shoot and left the competition. That's the Welsh team knackered now

No real news on Doz, not confirmed but some say he's back at hotel and others that they're keeping him in! I'll let u know as soon as I do

We think someone may have finished on a 45, but the report of a 47 cannot be confirmed at present

Getting a bit worried now as there might not be enough daylight left for the Springer shooters, it's dusk here by 8

There's a sneaky rumour that an Argentinian shooter has finished on 3 down!!

Don't forget these scores below are all number of targets MISSED out of 50

Martin Calpin 18
Des Edwards 18
John Grey 17
Dave Robinson 15
Keith Gilyard 12
Ian Jerram 11
Paul Mangham 18
Dave Williams 10
John W 20
Dean Burfoot 10
Sam Barr 17
Lauren (South Africa) 17
Machiel (South Africa) 9
Mark Stenton 7
Rich Beaugie 11
John Johnston 20
Greg (USA) 9
Harold (USA) 9
Wian (South Africa) 9
Wyan (South Africa 23
Michael (South Africa) 15
Red Gallagher 14
Paul Davis 12
Graham Jopson 14
Mark Henson 10
Paul Gallagher 21
Andy Gillott 6
Dave Penman 14
Sergy (Russia) 6
Jack Harris 6
Anna P (Portugal) 13
Dave Gage 15
Andy Barnes 24
Steve Chubb 10
Nathan Reeve 10
Toiston ??? 12
Stefan Cafnic (German) 5
Dave Scofield 13
Berty Bassett 9
Matt Hurst 25
Kevin Sayers 10
Simon Evans 12
Mark Henson 10
Conor McFlynn 14
Andy Calps finishes 6 down
The final UNOFFICIAL PCP SCORES above will just show how many target missed out of the total of 50.

Late Session (Springer) has been delayed until 16.15 (local and UK time)

Sat at the finish line waiting for them to come through for final scores, phew it's a tad warm

Looks like Gillys predicted top score of 41-43 is not too far off the mark!

Berty Bassett 8/42
Dave Gage 8/46
Stebe Chubb 8/46
Mark Henson 9/46
Andy Calpin 6/46

So sad, Doz has had a nose bleed and his blood pressure is sky-high, he's been taken to hospital as a precaution

Sergey and Calpin 2 down after approx 30 targets and both looking strong.

The open sections of the course exposed to the sun and the wind are eroding many scores.

Only a few lanes to go, Awesime now 10 down and struggling on uphill in the heat. Temperature 38.5C

The guys on lower scores have yet to shoot lanes 1-10, they're the windy lanes in the No Go area that are catching people out.

Springer shooters (and Junior PCP) are getting ready for their turn this afternoon

Steve Privet has picked up a bug and is currently chucking up in the bushes after being up all night

Confirmed that all the courses are inter-twined, example Lane 1 has two Black, two Yellow and two White targets, then move to lane 2 which has the same etc.

Most of our guys are now in the 'No Go' zone which is proving to be really tricky with the wind. Cuppa time for me until they finish now ... Thanks Leanne!

Little Jack 5/26
Dave Schofield 7/24
Paula Schofield 8/24
Keith Gillard 7/28

South Africa: Henri Brink 3/26
South Africa: Gerhard 7/24

Andy Calps 2/22
Red Gallagher 3/26
Conor 7/22
Chubby 4/22
Dave Robinson 7/24
Berty 7/22
Kev Sayers 2/22

Wind gone but now 29 degrees in shade

Kev sayers 2/20
Little Jack 4/20
Awesime 8/20

Heat is really picking up now, so not good for the Springers this afternoon

Little Jack 4/18
Martin Calpin 9/18
Paul Gadget Davis 0/16
Andy Barnes 7/18
Mark Stenton 4/18
Ian Jerram 3/18
Gilly 2/18
Dean Burfoot 2/17
John Gray 6/14

The lower half of the course is proving to be testing with the wind, it's swirly and gusty.

Little Jack 4/18
Martin Calpin 9/18

More to follow as Leanne catches up with them around the course

Doz 1/14
Awesime 7/14 and now on first standing lane
South Africa: Lauren 1/12 and Gerhard 2/12
Steve Chubb 3/10
Red Gallagher 1/14
John Johnston 3/10
Mark Henson 1/14
AndyCalps 0/12 (still clear after 12 targets)
Des Edwards 2/12
Rich Wafta 1/12
Paul Mangham 7/10
Dave Penman 1/12
Mark Stenton 3/10
Berty Bassett 4/6
Dave Gage 2/6
Matt Hurst 2/6 (this means 2 misses out of 6 targets)

Awesime now 5 down, a wobble last miss but he had the wind right!

Berty had bad start too think he said he missed 5 from 10.

Seems some were off to a bit of a shaky start but heart rates are now starting to settle now.

The courses are mainly in the shade, but a couple of lanes may cause issues with position and staying over the line, so warnings may be given.
The committee are aware of which ones they are.

Awesime now 4 down out of 8 targets

There's a part of the course that's is shooters only so won't be able to get in for a nosy, just been kicked out!

Red course Target 6, you can't see it from left hand side of the gate, branches in the way

Awesime Evans's bag has taken a knock in the briefing and he's having to give an extra 8 clicks for wind

First scores are arriving, Awesime 3 misses out of first 4 shots. All went right when direct into wind. Adjusted windage but on a wing and a prayer.
Some chap had tripped over my bag at briefing !! Digging in !!

They are definitely under way now as the pictures on the shooting lanes are starting to filter through

Estimated 3-6 mph wind in the wooded area

At 09:39 (08:39 GMT), still awaiting the start whistle, don't know the cause for delay

Leanne will be heading down the course in an hour, no point her being there 1st thing today. Giving them time to settle

The day has dawned bright n clear, it's gonna be a hot one

Otherwise all seems well for most.

Air supply a struggle again.

Zero session cut to 715 to 8.30 to get all to course.

Springers and PCP junior will be 15:30 hours this afternoon

First up are the PCP competitors and shooting starts at 09:00 hours local time, that's the same as in UK

Temperature is already quite warm and expected to rise as the day go on

Its a fine day, not a cloud in the sky and at present about a 6 mph breeze blowing.

The shooters arrive early for their breakfast

Many competitors had a early night, including Jack Harris who was very early to bed, guess he really wants that title


Here we go then ....
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