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Default Different mind set

The external hammer is under constant pressure even in its rested state but gives the least issues and of course doesnt get the chance to go piiiiiiiiing and doesnt seem to suffer valve bounce .

Touching in the rested state was where we felt the issues lay with the new trigger block.
It's a fine line between touching and causing a leaky valve.

It cant touch the roller for obvious reasons.

I don't want to seem pedantic but it does touch !! It may be that the thin section deflects as its released or placed under pressure , that would result in the front of the hammer being distorted out of line prior to being released.

Originally Posted by hmangphilly View Post
put it this way .....
currently back with a std hammer

I'm thinking of trying to replicate your hammer bounce Spring , was that a success or another head banger?

after some testing we felt it was better have a fast closing valve , .....not being under great spring preload helped achieve this .

simon i doubt if your very long steyr hammer can cant or yaw or whatever in the tract enough to affect the strike point on its face .

The Steyr hammer is pretty captive , but like Rich said friction is friction however small. If it consistent that's fine , but friction also results in wear.
The hammer is steel and body is alloy so I don't want the same to happen as did with my Walther.
was that what you were thinking ?
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.

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