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Default Portugal 2016 FT Championship - Practice Day(s)

Practice Day(s) Tweets from our Twitterist Leanne (and others) as they come in.
(OLDEST Tweet at BOTTOM of post #1 and photos being added all the time throughout the thread)

Think that about it for today, so over and Sprout, speak again tomorrow ....

Ambulance staff attended a German lad who crushed his thumb cocking his springer

Some have been seeing funny results on zero range when temperature rose above 35 to 40

The courses are much more in the shade than out on the zero range.

Gilly has walked the course and said it looks tough. Lots of long reducers. He is predicting low scores and 41-43 tops!

Not enough air bottles. It's a struggle at times to get 170bar fill, not been able to get 200 at all, but assured more air will be available tomorrow!

Well that temperature did eventually get up again today, 40.9 on the zero range

Looks like its all to play for tomorrow then

Understand all the Brits got their guns set up with no major problems

Neil T caught adjusting his scope with scissor! What, wheres the allen keys!

Black course with yellow kill zone looks fairly 'long' with lots of reducers

Temperature 27 earlier but climbing to 31 and as you say a bit 'close'

Everyone's gun seem fine, no reports of anything major

The competition must be strong, Berty already caught saying his prayers

Group photos are now being taken

The burger and chips van has arrived

Calps concedes its to hot for his shooting coat, so now shooting in a Lycra vest

Its official now, Leanne has been given her Media Pass

Some very dark rain clouds about today and conditions very different from the full sun yesterday

Due to some last minute problems, the pairs classes have been cancelled

Weather today is more overcast and a bit cooler. Leanne is off down there with her camera to try and get some group photos

Day 1 competition tomorrow will run as follows: Zero 1= 7:15-08:45 then Competition (Springers) 09:00-13:30 and Zero 2=09:30-14:30 with competition (PCP) 15:30-18:30

Zero Sessions started for today

Comment from Awesime: Then it was meal time and it became apparent as Tosh and I had not yet booked in, we had no tickets for the event!

Food was good, couldn't fault that, but would have liked to have mingled a bit more. Surroundings were impressive and waiter staff really attentive. At the end of the day, "you can't please everybody all of the time"

The timetable of events over next few days released

The medals they are playing for are out on display

And so it begins . . . Opening dinner and drinks

Off to the welcome dinner tonight

All the targets are having to be re strung as they were left coiled on top of the targets and it's melted into one blob!

Brian Samson has today gave a presentation for the marshals and the use of his Target Checker.

Rich and John Johnston now in a hotel central Lisbon. Big thanks to John Johnston for sorting it out and doing all the driving. Airbnb finally decided we have been conned and gave a full refund. Can't believe that the accommodation host could do something like that!! We will have more words with air Bnb when we get back. So now about 9 miles away from comp ground and in centre of Lisbon, so should be fun for John getting us to the ground in rush hour traffic.

It's going to be a bit different this year and PCP and Springers are shooting separately. Thursday Springers am and pcp pm then other way round for Fri n Sat

Thursday is the main Practice Day

Rich and John Johnson had problems with their villa - No one was there on arrival to give them the key and they had to find a hotel for the night with help from Serigo.

The temperature today was showing 45 on Marks Henson thermometer on his gun and was less windy than the previously day.

The latest I have so far regarding the UK shooters is that most have arrived safely.

Leanne has sharpened her pencil and I'm just trying to get myself up and running ready for the latest information coming into me for re-posting .....

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