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A shorter spring will reduce preload, a stiffer spring will reduce preload but both can give a stronger hit at the same time.

2 identical springs 50mm long, cut one to 40mm long. Now if both of these are compressed 10mm by cocking the action one will be compressed by 20% the other 25% making it stronger, or put another way when the power is set with each of these springs the shorter one will have less preload allowing the valve to close faster.

Also the hammer stroke is not set in stone, a lighter hammer with the same spring can have a harder hit and have less preload if the stroke is increased a little, and the shorter lighter hammer will accelerate faster so it need not add to the lock time.

Have fun! I have been playing with this for years!! But not in Steys I might add, BSA and Anschutz, the Anni has an advantage here with its contained hammer spring!
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