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Default Will do when I strip

Originally Posted by hmangphilly View Post
got any pics of the wear marks simon ?

I've not long given it a good polish , so will take pics next time I strip it.

do they come back to the same place on the hammer time after time consistent high spot ?
Will mark spot and check .

can you clock the hammer to check for straight and roundness ?

I will check that also , the question is how far back to check it?

how's the bore in the action ?.....straight ? ......round ? .....any high spots ?
It's hard to see into where the issue is . It's in the depths of the trigger block.
Straight through round bore for the hammer to follow.

does the steyr hammer strike the valve from it's centre , or offset ? ....i cant remember

Hammer strike is central to the valve and through bore.

lots of pics please .....i love all this .
On your Walther hammer mods did the lighter hammer improve things or did the extra Spring pressure off set the gains?
Thanks Simon
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