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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Thank you for your input but I think youre full of sh1t. Lol
I do appreciate your input Richard , but telling me that Steyr have not designed it wrong is nothing new.
The hammer was new to me from Harry when I had a replacement trigger block.
The standard hammer gave big issues which a buddy of mine helped diagnose , I then had a replacement hammer that was intended for an FAC rifle.
The only difference was the length of the cup and a solid block at the front.
It worked a lot better but shows wear marks when periodicly removed.
I think the original hammer with the flat spot is more consistent because it can not rotate , so the hybrid part is to remove the post off the back and install a cup.
got any pics of the wear marks simon ?

do they come back to the same place on the hammer time after time consistent high spot ?

can you clock the hammer to check for straight and roundness ?

how's the bore in the action ?.....straight ? ......round ? .....any high spots ?

does the steyr hammer strike the valve from it's centre , or offset ? ....i cant remember

lots of pics please .....i love all this .
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