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I have 2 batches of AA field (die 3 & 10) 1 batch of 4.52 & 4.53 jsb's all are 2016.

Shooting at 55 yards through my TX at 750 fps AA field shoot within a 25 mm circle and are streets ahead of jsb 4.52s. Jsb' 4.53s won't group at all but at 750 fps they all take a lot of wind.

At 775 fps all 4 batches shoot within a 35 mm circle (due to the extra recoil ) but the 4.53s take two thirds less wind (dunno why but they do). They all shoot the same trajectories too.

At 775 fps there is no discern-able difference between any of the 4.52s at any range out to 55 yards but the 4.53s take a lot less wind.

So it could be some pellets work better at different velocities.
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