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Interesting day. Arrived Heathrow - Sent to TAP Business Class to check in gun. What ammo have you got - replied pellets. What weight - about a kilo. Ok no need to check. We'll get someone over. 5 min later chap arrives to taken gun away. No police, no looking at gun.
At other end, saw police arrive as we were waiting for the transfer bus to arrive. Oh, I thought, he's come to get my gun. Straight to collect bags - well you would when the chap at Heathrow marked them as "Priority", "Firearm and ammunition". Then went to Customs. Gun in Pelicase 1750. "Discussed" with officer that it mine then he pointed out it was the wrong flight. A very helpful chap went searching for my gun. Got the gun after 1 hour. Everyone at Heathrow and Lisbon was brilliant.
Presumably someone has now been reunited with their gun at Lisbon Airport.
Two beers, meal, and now on 2nd bottle of wine.
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