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Originally Posted by Bricktop View Post
Thanks Barry I'll give it a go with some sort of support as we don't have benches at the club and I'm not consistent enough doing it in seated position. So from your comment if there is a shift it may be left / right and not up / down?

Hi Stu.
There's a video online somewhere that I now can't find. It showed a reticle moving against a grid the scope was pointing at ( the 'grid' was actually a brick wall) as the mag ring was turned

It was a pronounced shift from centre to left but the shift was gradual as the mag ring was turned. I don't know if there are varieties of movement, it's all to do with scope internal mechanicals, tolerances and assembly quality. There's a lot of stuff going on in a small space in a high mag variable scope, most of which I have no clue about. I just know the problem can exist, in some scopes.

Give it a go, if yours does it, it's a relatively easy task to establish at what mag it happens, then don't mag above that.......or, don't change mag

I doubt it will though. Most are pretty good.

Here it is, it wasn't a brick wall, but a collimator grid

And the link to the article. Now you know as much as me.....

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