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Buccs has facilities for plinkers, ie a plinking range... that's it. But it makes use of it's limited opening days by also having a club league which is quite popular, and a couple of winter leagues which brings in some cash. It has quite a relatively high rent, which is met by the subs.

The problem with trying to supplement the club with plinkers is that is all many will do. I'd take many shelters and seats and burn them, i am not joking. Stops people drinking tea and doing little else. That's if you want an FT club.

If you want a plinking club, get a kettle, shelter and some benches. You may struggle though when it comes to running a course because some plinkers can be very hard to find if they're not marshalling a tea bag or looking after a pack of digestives.

Away competitions do create a vacuum, but if you have a ranked set of events then people will find their own level. It's important not to rely on the region to run it all, there needs to be say a club league, a regional league, national league, and international. People can then do what suits them.

If competition shooters are not attending the club then you have to ask why that is... what do they want/need?

For me I do need a permanent plinking range, idealy one I can get access any day of the week. A course is less important, but a small permanent one is useful. Understandably some clubs can't have anything left out, but that's a problem for them to solve. But with a good team it makes light work.

So to cover the rent and insurance for say 1500 you need 30 people paying 60. That's a small sum to ask.

The worst thing to do is to have 1-2 members who do everything, even sticking money in. That's a hiding to nothing and all the time that happens it won't change.

Juniors and plinkers are not the future of the sport. FT shooters are.
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