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SWEFTA gave up winter and summer leagues when the number of clubs in the region started to get close to the number of months in the year. At the time as I recall it was around eight.

We now have eleven clubs each of which hosts a SWEFTA shoot a year. We then have a trophy shoot, which travels around the region and a Christmas shoot that does the same.

There are usually 60 shooters at each competition, some FT some HFT and many that do both.

As a result of the region being so active we have an increasing number of shooters attending all the GP's and a handful who (like me) attend just one or two.

We have a good number of regular shooters, we have a few newcomers and returnees working their way up the grades and usually add one or two brand new shooters a year to replace the handful that leave, so the general environment is reasonably healthy.

So for SWEFTA summer leagues don't really exists, but in the past they were a means of growing clubs and getting new shooters into the sport.
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