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Default Another small region

Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post
What is the difference between winter and summer?

Still taking people away from clubs? It does not seem to effect the regions that hold summer shoots?

Our view was if we improved the club facilities, more members would join and the club would be buoyant.
It worked. One off joing fee, no range fees.
Member ship gone from 12 to 50+ I the last 2 year. mostly non comp shooters.
Wales is a good example on this subject with quite a small following for field target.
There seems to be very few plinkers about these days in ft , just comp shooters.
If these shooters follow the comp circuit then the clubs with no plinkers will suffer.
May I ask how much ground rent is for Tondu , is it similar to what I have mentioned.
Also how many Ft clubs does Wales have that put on regular shoots?
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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