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This is a subject that Anston has had postings on.
I posted.
I took my 9-11 year old grandson to the range he was comming along nicely for comps, but at 11 or so he saw girls and mates in a new light, after they have done with school or such, new intersts like places like Alton Towers cars girls take up there time, then 20 odds family comitmants lack of money and time, its not till 40 and on do people have the funds and time to take up shooting again, I for one was like this and a lot more are the same if honesty is spoken.
But like you say, a good club needs a diverce membership, plinkers and comp shooters and must cater for both.
But open days are a good idea, due to the fact people can see what the clubs are like and could get people to take it up, but most of all educate people not all shooters go out to shoot wild animals, but go out for a day of enjoyment no matter the disapline they want to do.

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