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its a good question and an interesting subject, i remember Terry Doe writing an article about something very similar back in the early 90's. I guess both competitive shooting and pleasure plinking should and need to exist side by side.
Its human nature that some people will want to compete and some people wont its just the way it is. I believe the answer lays somewhere between having a field target club that encourages people to "have a go" in a non competitive environment (maybe have a week a month where no score cards are used for example) and having Air Gun clubs whom provide a monthly competition of some sort that keeps the members who have a competitive desire happy.
However from what i see FT has an addictive side to it and i think a lot of people will want to see how far they can go so course design that has something for everybody will continue to be very important if the sport is to continue growing.
When i returned to FT last year i was quite surprised by the demographic of FT shooters, whilst a little disappointed not to see more "teens" involved i was pleasantly surprised to see the number of ladies competing (and doing a bloody good job of it). What you cant help but notice though is that the average age of the competitive FT shooter must be late 40's to early 50's? whilst this isnt a problem and infact is something to be celebrated i think we have to find a way to bring young blood and thereby a future to the sport.
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