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Default The Best ?

Depends what you want . if you want to be avearge . just do what you can , simple BUT if you want to take on the best never mind beat em .then that is a different matter altogether .ever saturday every sunday . all day on a good course . does not matter if it is the same course . but obviously a change by going to another club would be good . plus at least once in the week . along with dry firing the rifle in your spare room after work . ( i used to take aim out the back window of my house till some old bird thought i was spying on her ) down the club you should concentrate on your positionals once you have got to a decent standard cos that is what will bring you the biggest benifit in the long run . train hard shoot easy should be your motto .never take an easy shot in trainning . push all the time . if i.m the only one at the club i will shoot across lanes to targets a few along to narrow the angle of the kill zones . all ways start at the windy end of the course . if you miss a few that will strengthen your resolve to do better and not drop any more , if you don't drop any in the windy part . then you have got to try hard to keep it together till the end of the course to get a "clear round" . train till you are sick of it an then do some more . never give up on a stander till you have got it . if you want to win the worlds you are gonna have to think of taking the week off before it to practice all week . like i say . what do you want ??? HOLLY
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