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I have had excellent service from Burris in the past with repairs and replacement scopes from their no quibble warrantee. But,,,,, you can no longer send scopes back to Burris due to new IRTA regulations, you now have to deal with them through GMK acting as their UK agent. I am trying to get one sent back now for a repair but getting nowhere fast with GMK!! It has taken a week to get an email reply and now they are asking for proof of purchase, something Burris never asked for! So the amazing Warrantee Burris offer may now be out of reach for UK owners. I will keep STB posted on the progress.

Warranty Information

Every Burris optic is covered by the Burris Forever Warranty™. We will repair or replace your Burris optic if it is defective. The warranty is automatically transferred to future owners.
•No repair or replacement charge
•No warranty card needed
•No receipt needed
•No questions asked

Seems they are now asking for proof of purchase but their Warranty info still says otherwise!
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