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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
AA, B, C
A, B, C
P, B, C
O, B, C

Etc, etc

I worked that out to be a possible only 60 perms max, stick the odd rule in and it would be less, something to do on the plane over to the Worlds perhaps Bri
I don't think most people would like that type of solution.

Here's an example of why...

In the PM Session at GP7 there were 20 AA shooters and 22 A shooters and 25 lanes.. it's quite common for there to be less AA shooters than lanes, so by trying to distribute shooters by grade what you'd end up doing is putting a single AA shooter on each lane, then a single A shooter on each lane, then padding them out with the other grades.

The net effect of that would be that an AA grade shooter would have no chance of partnering another AA grade shooter. Don't forget, it's not just C grade shooters who learn from shooters at a higher grade, I bet there's quite a few AA grade shooters who wouldn't mind partnering someone like Ian Taylor, Jack Harris, Justin Wood etc etc.. to see if they could pick up some tips.

With a random system - you've got the same chance as anyone else of shooting round with anyone from a different club, there's also the chance that you might be partnered with a person you've been partnered with before - it's random, that's what random means.

And actually when you look at how a random system breaks things down, it's usually quite a good distribution of grades anyway.

This is the grade distribution from the PM session at GP7 :

1 AA A B
3 AA A O
4 AA A A
5 AA B B
6 AA A P
8 B B C
9 AA A O
10 AA B C
11 A A C
12 AA A B
13 AA A A
14 A P O
15 AA AA
16 A A B
17 AA A A
18 A B C
19 A P O
20 AA A P
21 AA AA A
22 AA AA G
23 C O
24 A B C
25 B C

I'd say that's quite fair.. it's just luck of the draw, the alternative solution you've just come up with is less fair as far as I can see - so erm, no I won't be wasting my time playing with spreadsheets on a plane
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