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Originally Posted by Darron View Post
i think it will aspire us all. i know your struggling a bit at the moment mate and its frustrating when you know you should be doing better but you've got to find away to take the pressure and self expectation off. I make a point now of trying not to look at my own score card and not keeping a mental note of what score i have either. Its a bit of a problem when people asked how many your down but hey ho nobody is that bothered about my score yet anyway

i really do now take a "its me V the course" approach to my shooting now and give every target the respect as if it the world championship depended on it. Ok so im still missing stacks but do genuinely feel that ive give it my best each and every shot. What i do find strange is that ive developed this delusional self belief that i am actually going to hit every target i point at and am absolutely amazed when i hear a "dink". I amazed myself 15 times yesterday LOL

so many times i used to pull the trigger hoping instead of expecting to hit the target, now unless im certain its going to fall i dont pull the trigger, sounds crazy doesnt it when im still missing so many but ive shifted my mind set to a ultra positive one and its slowly working for me.

Im really looking forward to next years series, learned so much and met so many great people this year. It would be brilliant to see us all banter our way up to "A"

Good Luck, relax and try to enjoy the experience of Portugal mate
There's no pressure really, chat about stats and numbers is just good fun for me, it isn't what drives me, I just like that side of stuff and it's never been a replacement for practice, more entertainment and I think it has some value, when I get more time I'm going to build a Robot Martin. I just had the face on this morning

Jack Harris missed only 23 targets in total for the whole GP Series (350) and was shooting off 98.2%. I missed 23 on Sunday alone but you know what? I'll be back every Sunday

I'll be blogging and doing videos for the Worlds as it will be quicker if I can find good WiFi
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