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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
I just aim higher, but then again I sometimes aim further right. Accassionally I'll aim to the left but generally I'll just put it straight down the pickle barrow! More often than not though I'll just guess and press and see if my lucks in..? Most of the time I'm just happy not to clip grass as this does have an effect on pellet direction. All of which cancel out magnetic tree pull on your bullets.... Simples.

Grim however can't adopt the above when compensating for magnetic pull because his tragectory from ground level is 17" above the normal humans... Were as mine is 17" below the normal human he struggles with my hypothesis on this phenomenon. At the end of the day it all boils down to how much time you put in shooting around trees. Practice, practice and luck.

Hope this helps...
When you aim higher do you use a knee riser ?
As for grass strikes Mr gillie , you would strike grass on a crown bowls green .
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