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Originally Posted by Leopold View Post
Great information, thanks Brian!

I have a question about hearing protection, is it allowed? A friend who was shooting in last years WFTC wasn't allowed to use his plugs with the motivation that he would not be able to hear commands from the Marshal... but if that were true then it would be impossible to use in all other shooting sports.

If protection type matters, I'm thinking of active hearing protectors like Peltor Sportac or just ordinary passive plugs.
There's no rule against them specifically, but in all of these things - common sense should prevail.

You're already aware of the potential problem with wearing hearing protectors - that you might not be able to hear a ceasefire, so there's a safety aspect to consider.

If you can't hear a call for a ceasefire - then I'd say no, safety always comes first.

Do you wear them at BFTA events? Any problems hearing ceasefires?
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