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Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post
Hi Brian,
The foot being upright, it can be hard to judge if your foot is "upright" sometimes as you cant actually see it!
So are your partners allowed to say something, if they think you are canting your rear foot and sitting on it?
Yes, that's fine. The foot being upright (when viewed from behind) is a difficult one, there's some leeway on that rule, it doesn't have to be perfectly upright, just really so you're not sitting on a turned foot.

I'd say 45 degrees is too much, but less than that is ok.

The other problem with that rule is that what is it vertical with? The ground? the Horizon?

I'm more interested in how there's things are going to be marshalled consistently rather than whether I think the rules are right or wrong, and to help the marshalling, I've requested that as much as possible I'd prefer to see kneeling lanes set on fairly level ground, uneven ground and steep elevated or de-elevated kneeling targets can also make marshalling the lane more problematic, so I've asked for a bit of help from the course setters for those lanes.

It's perfectly fine to ask for a bit of help from your shooting partners - there's some things to be aware of with that though. It's not acceptable for a shooter from another lane to wander over and start offering advice. Shooters from other lanes should approach one of your partners in a lane rather than approach a shooter directly, and also be a bit cautious about offering help on a position if it's not asked for.

Obvious stuff really - so if someone is just about to take a kneeling shot - it's probably not sportsmanlike to walk up to disturb them and tell them you don't like their kneeling position - you might end up putting them off their shot.

If someone gets into a kneeling position and turns and asks their partners if there rear foot looks ok, that's fine, it's fine to ask the marshal as well.

It's just common courtesy really.
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