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Default Bit of advice for those going to the Worlds in Portugal

Just a quick heads up on a few things to watch out for if you don't want to have targets docked.

First off, the marshals won't dock targets off you directly as they did in Lithuania, you'll be given a written warning for rule infractions. Those written warnings will be decided on by a multi-national jury at the end of each day's shooting and they will decide if the infraction is serious enough for you to lose a target over it.

So... try not to get any written warnings if you can.. it might mean you'll be losing a target or two.

You can appeal against a decision by speaking to your NGB rep - so might not be a bad idea to find out who that is and whether they're actually going to be at the World Championships.

For the English shooters the committee for the EFTA is Mick Woodhead, Rob Farnworth and Me, but I'm not a good person to ask to raise a protest for you, because I'll be sitting on the multi-national jury - so I guess it'll be Mick or Rob.

Bean Bags... when you fill your bag with beans make sure it will fit into a 55cm x 55cm x 15cm box so that the lid will close. If it doesn't you've put too many beans in it.


I would advise using a kneeling roll personally, but if you aren't going to, make sure that it doesn't look like there's no gap between your shin and the floor.. there needs to be a visible gap there or it's written warning time.

That doesn't matter if you use a kneeling roll because the roll itself will mean there's a gap.

Also, make sure no part of your stock touches - or appears to touch your forearm. If it looks like it's touching - it's touching and again, written warning time.

If you have a long shooting jacket that covers your rear foot, put your foot outside of your jacket when you take a kneeling shot. If the marshal can't see your rear foot, you'll get a written warning.

Marshaling will be strict, but fair

If you're not sure about the kneeling rules (and lets face it, most people aren't) come and find me at Anston - show me your kneeling position and I'll tell you if it's legal and what you might need to be careful about.
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